Scene 1

Comedy Scene – A Network feel with something light and fluffy, in this instance our lead is earthy / spacy and a bit like Jess from New Girl. Little did we know our light and fluffy would actually end up being a cuddly bunny…

Completed Reel

Your REEL will be the best 1-2 minutes from your three scenes cut together to showcase your best moments and most valuable marketing / branding traits. Each scene will portray specific qualities with regard to what you are selling.

Scene 3

Drama Scene – A Netflix feel to show our lead as an investigative journalist that’s always two steps ahead securing the inside scoop; the goal is to get the truth while getting to the top similar to Zoe from House Of Cards.

Scene 2

Dramedy Scene – A softer Indie feel to show our lead desperately trying to connect to a world that isn’t reciprocating and we get to see how endearing it is to not have all the answers while continuing to try so hard to find them.